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Meteorological chromatograph structure and principle
2014-11-04 09:56

                                                              Meteorological chromatograph structure and principle


       GC carrier gas structure provided by the carrier gas cylinder, flow through the rotor flowmeter detector and a carrier gas flow regulator valve steady flow to the sample after the gasification chamber. Heating coil so that the sample chamber may be vaporized liquid sample vaporized. If the sample to be analyzed is a gas when heated gasification chamber would not. Into the sample chamber is the gasification chamber itself, the sample can be subjected to the injection chamber injection join the carrier gas. Samples with a carrier gas injected from the inlet into the column, after the separation in order to enter the detector and then vented. After the detector signal is amplified and then given by the recorder to record the chromatogram of the sample. 
       Gas chromatography is a mixture of multi-component analysis, the separating tool. It is a gas as the mobile phase, using the washing column chromatography techniques. When the mixing of multi-component analysis of the material into the column, the respective components in the distribution coefficient of the column stationary phase and the gas phase of a liquid phase is different, so the components are different in the operating speed of the column, the flow over a certain length of the column, the column is then left in the order into the detector, and then after the detector is converted to an electrical signal supplied to the data processing workstation analysis, thereby completing the quantitative analysis of the qualitative test substance.

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