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Tips for Safe Transportation of Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
2021-04-13 15:15
Liquid nitrogen tanks can generally be divided into storage liquid nitrogen tanks and transport-type liquid nitrogen tanks. The storage liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used for the static indoor storage of liquid nitrogen, and is not suitable for long-distance transportation under working conditions. The transport-type liquid nitrogen tank can not only be used for static storage, but also can be used for transportation when it is filled with liquid nitrogen. The main purposes of liquid nitrogen tanks are the active preservation of animal semen and biological samples, the cryogenic treatment of metal materials, the cryogenic assembly of precision parts, and the refrigeration and freezing in the medical and health industry as well as the refrigeration of medical operations.
The liquid nitrogen tank can be selected for storage or transportation according to your own situation. In order to meet the transportation conditions, the transport-type liquid nitrogen tank has a special shock-proof design and is suitable for transportation. However, severe collisions and vibrations must be avoided during normal use.
Safe transportation of liquid nitrogen tanks
Liquid nitrogen tanks must be cushioned and fixed in a wooden frame during transportation. Fillings should be used to separate tanks from each other to prevent bumping and toppling. When loading and unloading, it is necessary to prevent the liquid nitrogen tanks from colliding, and it is not allowed to drag it on the ground at will, so as not to reduce the service life of the liquid nitrogen tanks.
When the liquid nitrogen tank is used to transport the liquid nitrogen medium, make sure that the switch status of each valve should be the same as that during storage, and the base of the packing box should be cushioned under the container seat circle, and the liquid nitrogen tank container should be reliably fixed on the vehicle with a rope, so that the liquid nitrogen tank will not be shaken during transportation, which is more safe.
The transportation of liquid nitrogen tanks and liquid nitrogen is very important and dangerous, so we have to pay much attention to it.

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