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About Nanbei

NANBEI Group was established in 2008. After 15 years of development and growth, we have become one of the most powerful laboratory instrument suppliers in China. Our instruments and equipments have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and we have served thousands of customers from oversea.

Due to development needs and in order to better serve customers, our business has been divided into different subsidiaries for management. After the group's research and decision, the liquid nitrogen tank business will be assigned to the subsidiary Zhengzhou Eastar Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd for production and management starting from January 1, 2023.


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The Main Products

My company liquid nitrogen biological container is a high-tech products,which mainly used for livestock breeding of forzen storage of semen(artifical inseminationa),human organs,skin,blood,cells cryopreserved in the low-temperature operation,industial cooling assembly,the metal material cold treatment,cryogenic grinding,such as superconducting magnet is also an indispensable instrument essential.With the development of science and technology and the needs of industrial and agricultural production,it will be the promotion and application of rapid and show a bright future.

Our liquid nitrogen container has following several types for different application.

Storage-type liquid nitrogen biological containers,volume is 2.5L~35.5L ,has small size,light weight,easy to carry,compact and static storage on low nitrogen consumption advantages.

Large-diameter liquid nitrogen biological containers,volume from 11L~60L,has a large caliber,easy to operate advantages.

Transport-type liquid nitrogen biological container,volume from 11L~63L,suitable for transfer biological sample or transport liqui nitrogen,perfessional instrument which designed for mountainous area and grasslands.

Liquid nitrogen biological containers,which has foot wheel,has large capacity,small occupied space,low consumption advantages.

Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy instrument,which can replace the benefits of surgery,the safety of non-toxic,harmless little pain,do not damage to healthy tissue,less bleeding sterilization advantages.

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