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2014 eighth session of China (Xi'an) International Scientific Instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition
2014-04-17 15:06

 2014 eighth session of China (Xi'an) International Scientific Instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition

[background] Exhibition
In today's world, make a spurt of progress of development of science and technology, the scientific analysis and testing technology has been rapid development in high technology and science and technology industries, with the country's western development strategy continuously, the construction implementation of rejuvenating the strategy in the first place in the western economic development in the western region, planning the construction of a large number of major national science and technology infrastructure, State Key Laboratory of project, demand for scientific instruments and laboratory equipment in the field also increased by a large margin. "Xi'an Science Instrument Exhibition" is China instrumentation industry meeting, held every year in Xi'an, is a scientific instrument industry scale in the central and western regions, the highest degree of internationalization, the largest China industry's most authoritative brand exhibition, dedicated to Yu Chuanbo World Scientific Instrument and laboratory cutting-edge technology and information, and finally provide scientific analysis and laboratory superior the overall solution for the user. Successive participating brands include: SHIMADZU, USA Varian, America Agilent, Germany, Japan, Jena, Japan, the UK science Nikon Malvin, Rafael Mettler, PANalytical, Germany Netzsch, Suns, Huajia of Switzerland, Southeast ritual, such as more than 500 well-known enterprises sartorius. The exhibition display area of over 10000 square meters, more than 3 professional visitors million. The organizing committee to Shaanxi more than 100 Key Laboratory, 200 colleges and universities and more than 500 scientific research institutes, focusing on the invitation of instrument in western region distribution agents, utilities services, environmental protection, environmental monitoring, biological medicine, health, quality inspection, food, petrochemical, electric power, coal, paper, electronics, electrical appliances, pharmaceutical, medical agriculture and forestry, metal, steel, metallurgy, casting, chemical, mining, automobile, machinery, new materials, aerospace, the center of analysis and testing equipment, quality inspection department, technical department, laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, quality room, laboratory, disease center person in charge and relevant professionals to visit the exchange, to build the scientific instrument and laboratory equipment exhibition in the western region's largest.
[range] show
1, teaching instruments and equipment: higher education, general education with the education equipment, teaching instruments, remote education equipment, teaching experiment instrument etc.;
2, analysis and testing instruments: chromatography, spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, spectroscopy, spectroscopy, X ray apparatus, electrochemical analysis instrument, thermal analyzer, nuclear analysis instrument, surface analyzer, elemental analyzer, analyzer, injection analyzer, gas analyzer, analyzer, particle size analyzer, environmental analysis, food analysis, biological monitoring chemical analyzer;
3 optical instrument: electronic optical instruments, geodetic instrument, laser instrument, optical microscopy, electron microscopy, optical metrology, spectroscopy, optical image processing system, industrial microscope;
4, biological technology and instrument: biological engineering, chemical technology, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, chemical products, chemical reagent, biochemical / molecular biology, biochemistry, clinical laboratory instrument instrument, medical instrument, amino acid analyzer, DNA synthesis, life science laboratory technology;
5, laboratory instruments and equipment: laboratory instruments and equipment, laboratory glassware, teaching instruments and equipment, instrumentation, environmental testing equipment, vacuum measuring instrument, power testing instrument, laboratory data processing system, image processing system, electrical measuring instruments, large screen, projector, consumables and related software;
6, mechanical properties testing equipment: metal material testing machine, non metal material testing machine, nondestructive testing technology and equipment, physical property measurement system, online detection equipment, process test machine, balancing machine, test platform and test machine products etc.;
7, laboratory furniture: overall laboratory furniture, clean bench, fume hood, ventilation cabinet, biological safety cabinet, medicine cabinets, storage cabinet, furniture equipment, experiment cabinet, protective cover, other general laboratory furniture design and installation;
8, special instrumentation: environmental monitoring, measuring instruments, electronic measuring instruments, nuclear instrument, earth exploration special instrument, petrochemical, aviation, marine, astronomy and meteorology electronic communications, bio pharmaceutical, geology and mineral resources, building materials and other industries instrument;

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