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"Imported food record management regulations" implemented in July 1st
2014-04-17 18:46

 Quality inspection administration, issued the "imported food record management implementation details", the rules will be implemented on July 1st.

The implementation of rules is to ensure that the imports of food safety, the implementation of food enterprises import duty, promotion of industry self-regulation. Throughout the inspection and quarantine agencies responsible for the collection, verification, reporting imported food safety information related to the imported food, a bad record, the implementation of control measures on a poor record of the import of food enterprises and related countries and regions of imported food.

There are three main types of bad records information: one is the food safety information supervision inspection and Quarantine of imported food; Second is to inform the other government departments in the country, as well as industry associations, businesses and consumers to reflect the food safety information; Third is the food safety information to international organizations, foreign government agencies, industry associations, enterprises and consumers abroad reflect.

Details of the implementation is conducive to perfecting the import of food safety risk information collection and analysis, to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of control measures