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How to identify the ice making machine
2014-05-07 14:47

 How to identify the ice making machine

A good ice machine, every little detail technical content through the whole machine aspects and manufacturing process. If the general consumers distinguish carefully, you will find the merits of the different. Ice making machine quality, taking into account the ice food hygiene and safety design ", will first start automatic cleaning" function, the ice before the machine will automatically do a thorough cleaning of the whole system, then before the official start of ice. Each time the user machine shut down after the boot, will ice machine and automatic cleaning time. This out of ice not only eat up the rest assured, also look translucent crystal, people physical and mental pleasure. And energy-saving environmental protection special technology: after testing 40 degrees lasting high temperature testing room machine, even in the hot summer long operation, ice making machine broke down is not easy and not affect the speed of ice making.

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