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You should be careful when you are using the drying freezer
2014-05-16 17:46

 You should be careful when you are using the

drying freezer

Operation method:

1 Freeze drying, the preparation of dry goods placed in the refrigerator or liquid nitrogen, make the goods completely frozen solid, we can freeze drying.

2 Between the host and the vacuum pump is connected by the vacuum tube, the connection uses the international standard clamp.

3 The clamp includes a sealing rubber ring, connecting the front can smear the right amount of vacuum grease in the rubber ring, and then clamp. The power socket is arranged on the right side plate host vacuum pump, vacuum pump connected to power line.

4 Check the vacuum pump, confirmation has been filling the vacuum pump oil, can not do without oil. The oil surface shall not be less than the oil line.

5 Host a cold trap at the top of the "O" type sealing rubber ring should be kept clean, is used for the first time, can be coated with a thin layer of vacuum grease, organic glass cover is arranged in the rubber ring, rotate gently a few, to seal.

Boot Operation:

1 Switch on the power line, then look at the total power indicator light is flashing, flashing that is powered.

2 Press the "power" to open the key three seconds, this time "the temperature of cold trap" display window to display the temperature of cold trap, the key is released.

3 Press the "refrigerator" to open the key, refrigerating machine running, gradually reduce the temperature of cold trap. In order to make the cold trap has the ability to fully absorb the moisture, pre cooling time should not less than 30 minutes.

4 Press the "gauge" to open the key, then vacuum digital display "110", "103" indicating lamp is bright.

5 Pre cooling after the end, will have prepared items to be dried in a dry plate, cover organic glass tube, the inflation valve and the outlet valve (located in the right panel) clockwise to tighten.

6 Press the "vacuum" to open the key, the vacuum pump starts to work, the digital display decreased to below 20Pa, freeze drying process. Note: in the vacuum pump starts to work, press the organic glass cover for a moment, to seal.

7 More than manifold type should be the first rubber valve (the valve long put upward), the vacuum degree below 20Pa will pre freeze over freeze dry bottle is inserted into the rubber valve interface, the plastic spool downward rotation of 180 degrees. Note: the vacuum gauge readings would rebound, should be in the vacuum degree is below 20Pa, then put a bottle.


1 First slowly (slowly, otherwise the vacuum pump in oil will suck down) to open the "gas valve", press the "vacuum" power key, so that the air slowly into the cold trap. If be filled with inert gas, it will connect "charging port" decompression catheter of inert gas, and then slowly open the "gas valve", make the inert gas slowly into the cold trap.

2 Followed by pressing the "vacuum", "refrigerator" switch, closed, the lights out, "the power" to open the key, with the boot press three seconds no display after the key is released.

3 Bring the organic glass, items will be removed, preservation, freeze drying process is over.

4 Cold trap of ice into water, open the "release valve" the water discharge.

5 Clean the cold trap moisture and impurities, properly maintained equipment.

6 Vacuum pump when not in use, should be covered with water outlet, to prevent dirt from entering

7 More than  manifold type should be closed one by one, the rubber valve and remove freeze-dried vials and repeat off.


1 In the process of operation do not frequently switch, as a result of operational errors caused by the refrigerator to stop running, not immediately start, wait at least 20 minutes before starting up again, so as not to damage the refrigerating machine.

2 Every time after freeze drying, cold trap coil on the ice into water, clean the freeze dry end "inflating valve" to fill the cold trap with a towel, slowly, so as not to impact the vacuum gauge

Freeze drying machine model:

-50 ℃ / general / top press type,

-50 ℃ / bottle hanging type,

-50 ℃ / top press and  bottle hanging type,

-50 ℃ / preservation type,

 -80 ℃ / general / top press type

-, 80 ℃ / top press bottle hanging type,

-80 ℃ / preservation etc..

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