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Atentions of Laboratory centrifuge using
2014-07-31 10:42

 Atentions of Laboratory centrifuge using

1 The placing centrifuge tube must be symmetrical placement!! In order to turn up, guarantee unbiased, such as the four placed centrifuge tube position, must add two centrifuge tubes and one put a

2 When opening the centrifuge to centrifuge lid

3 When opening and closing the centrifuge must be slow speed increase or decrease, can't make the speed of change quickly

Another point is to ensure that the centrifugal tube symmetry, but also to keep the weight.

The liquid is better not to be too low boiling point, pay attention to internal and external pressure ratio.

If the toxic reagent but also good ventilation treatment.

Medical, pharmaceutical industry using a centrifuge to either non sterile environment or aseptic environment, put forward very high requirements on the environment in the using process, at a high level of environmental requirements, such as in the aseptic workshop, there are million level, level one hundred thousand workshop, good sealing performance can make the internal and external to keep the machine effective isolation. Solid, liquid, gas centrifuge cavity phase shall not cross contamination and operator, the external environment. In general, the use of party in order to be informed of centrifuge manufacturers, the sealing requirements. To improve the design of sealing performance to centrifuge manufacturers, and fully embodied in the manufacturing, generally in the following parts considered:

The lid seal: machine because is foldable, and the casing joint surface should be a reliable seal measures, if because of the sealing structure and material corrosion failure, it may cause the liquid, gas leakage, damage to the environment, personnel.

Seal structure, seal anti-corrosion performance, in the design and selection should take full account of its sealing performance and reliable performance.

The mounting interface feeding pipe, washing pipe, observation mirror and other additional devices, there should be a reliable seal measures.

The seal bearing: for the spindle nut, bearing seal, sealing measures in this respect the traditional models of relatively simple, only the relative seal. Such as the spindle nut position, the spindle nut and drum joint surface, generally do not set the seal ring, the centrifuge in the operation process of the liquid phase, vapor infiltration, corrosive to the spindle cone, even into the bearing, damage to the bearing, thus affecting the normal use of the machine. On the bearing cap is generally installed skeleton type seal structure, but on the bearing cap and a part of the drum taper hole is exposed outside, centrifuge cavity in the gas phase, it may bring the corrosion on the exposed surface of spindle. Centrifuge used in pharmaceutical industry, the separation of the materials are organic solvents or acid, alkali, salt and other media, so in the ordering of equipment should consider these parts of the sealing requirements, set the seal or static sealing structure, sealing requirements to achieve.

The sealing belt area: traditional centrifuge the drive belt is open, just set up a protection on the motor end cover, mainly from the security point of view, in order to improve the safety, but for the pollution of the dust generated by the environment of the friction is not to control, such as in clean areas is not feasible, therefore, must be on the drive belt area closed up, to prevent the leakage of friction dust.

The other part (a liquid outlet pipe, feeding pipe, a hopper interface part): for the centrifuge external pipeline, such as feeding pipe, washing pipe, tube, pipe cleaning, general selection of flange installation, to ensure the sealing performance of the interface,

For some very high cleanliness of the occasion, the interface should be used sanitary quick open interface device, in order to facilitate cleaning.