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Study of laser type development and characteristics of laser particle size instrument
2014-08-08 10:11

Study of laser type development and characteristics of laser particle size  instrument

 With the development of the times, the progress of technology, optical  components in laser particle size analyzer will continue to be a more advanced  technology, more promising alternative components, if the curing of thinking to  judge things, some biased. That is to say, when you think of something good,  today may already be far behind, technological progress, we know we must  follow.

As everyone knows, laser particle size instrument is an optical,  laser, detector is one of the most important components, is the important  optical components. At present, there are two kinds of laser types: a gas laser,  He Ne laser on the century 60's application, one is started from 80's of last  century the development of solid state laser technology, has constantly  breakthrough.

The following is the discussion of laser particle size  analyzer "laser" type, development and characteristics, in order to give people  the purchase of laser particle sizer to provide a little help.

Compared  with the He-Ne laser has the advantages and disadvantages of semiconductor laser  diode laser and laser diode (LD), is one of the latest achievements in the  development of semiconductor physics in twentieth Century eighty. The advantages  of semiconductor laser is of small volume, light weight, high reliability, long  service life, low power consumption, in addition to the semiconductor laser is  the use of low voltage constant current power supply, power failure rate is low,  the use of safety, low cost of repair. So the application field expands day by  day. At present, the number of semiconductor lasers used in all laser for the  first time, some important application areas used other lasers, semiconductor  lasers has been gradually replaced by the. Applications include optical storage,  laser printing, laser Phototypesetting, laser ranging, barcode scanning,  industrial detection, measurement instrument, laser display, medical equipment,security, the field detection, construction level and marking  instrument, laser level and various markings positioning.

Before the  semiconductor laser is the laser performance is affected by temperature, the  beam divergence angle is larger (generally a few degrees to 20 degrees), so in  the direction, monochromaticity and coherence, poor. But with the rapid  development of science and technology, the performance of semiconductor lasers  have reached a very high level, and the beam quality is improved greatly.  Semiconductor optoelectronic technology with semiconductor laser as the core to  achieve greater progress in twenty-first Century of the information society, to  play a greater role.

In the gas laser, the most common is the He Ne  laser. In 1960, Baer in the laboratory by USA Iran physicist Jia Wan made. Due  to the beam direction beam from the He Ne laser and good monochromaticity, beam  divergence angle is small, can work continuously, so the application fields of  the laser is very wide, is one of the most laser applications, mainly used in  precision measurement, collimating and positioning of holography.

He-Ne  laser is large volume, start-up and operation of high voltage power supply,  complex, high cost of repair