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Analysis of the related situation of incubator in Chinese Market
2014-08-21 11:41

 Analysis of the related situation of incubator in Chinese Market

Universal application of constant temperature incubator, the market is very broad space for development, mainly for the production, scientific research, medical and other units for bacterial culture, breeding, fermentation.

Our manufacturing incubator history also has decades of history, in the world of culture box in the low end market we occupy a space for one person.

It is reported, box industry development problems China constant temperature culture, many of the situation is not optimistic, such as irrational industrial structure, industry concentration in the labour intensive products and technology intensive products; significantly behind the developed industrial countries; decisive factor of production is weakening; industrial energy consumption, low output ratio generally small-scale enterprises;, technological innovation capability is weak, backward management level.

Constant temperature incubator called water type electric cell (mold), for medical, pharmaceutical industry, biological chemistry, industrial production and agricultural scientific research departments for bacterial culture, breeding, fermentation and other temperature test.

Industry insiders said, according to the "new incubator temperature and humidity industries" and the evaluation of alternative systems and the quantitative index system, the Chinese incubator temperature and humidity industry development is explored and precise predictions from a new perspective, on this basis, constant temperature and humidity of China administrative divisions and four metropolitan culture comprehensive research box industry development.

The expert reminds: incubator must pay attention to the daily maintenance and use of constant temperature, do not put the box in the corrosive environment with acid, alkaline, so as not to damage the electronic component. To move, as far as possible to handle with care, to avoid severe vibration caused by internal electric line contact loose. Pay attention to the protection of the box surface finish, otherwise, not only affects the appearance, more important is the life will be shortened.

Constant temperature incubator market demand will be as hot research topic constantly, have been expanding, we also hope that the domestic culture box production enterprises to strive for innovation, the development of a national brand to support scientific research in Chinese