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Biochemical incubator' attention
2014-09-19 17:54

 Biochemical incubator' attention

Biochemical culture box with cooling and heating dual thermoregulation system, temperature controlled function, is a biological, genetic engineering, medicine, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, forestry and animal husbandry industries such as scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, the production unit or department laboratory of important test equipment, widely used in low temperature test, culture test, environmental testing etc..

1 The inner of the cabinet and the equipment surface should be wiped frequently, keep clean, to increase the transparency of the glass. Do not use acid,

   Alkali or other corrosive solution to wipe the outer surface.

2 Chemicals combustible or volatile must not be put into the box, if abnormal, odor, smoke in the use process

   Fog, please turn off the power. Users not to repair, shall notify the company repair, repair and inspection by the professional staff.

3 Shutdown of the equipment should not do tidal flooding treatment, specific methods are as follows:

   The box at the bottom of the water receiving disc out the water, the temperature at 42 DEG C, running 5 hours, and every two hours at a time

   The box door release moisture, the treatment is finished, unplug the power plug.

   If you do not have the equipment for a long time, should unplug the power line to prevent equipment damage. Should be regularly, according to the use condition of running in 2-3 days, to remove the moisture of electrical parts, avoiding the damage on the device.

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