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Customer business risk aversion temporary solution
2020-03-02 17:30


Customer business risk aversion temporary solution


1.About the timely delivery of orders in March and April

Our company decided through the conference call of middle and high level to provide the following green channels for the key customers of cooperation to jointly resist the business crisis caused by irresistible:

(1) Accept the order plan, and give the order plan to our company before February 28th. Our company will advance funds, coordinate with suppliers, purchase key materials in cash, and strive for early delivery authority;

(2) The booking deposit before April 30th will be adjusted from 50% to 20%.

(3) For orders placed before March 31th, if the total order amount exceeds USD 20,000, you will get a USD 1,000 coupon;

(4) Shipment of the scheduled order provides 1 chance of change, that is, if there is a change in the market after the booking order is issued, the order can be changed according to market demand, and the change cannot exceed 25%;

(5) Advance payment orders are given priority to production.


2. According to the risk of material price increase in the next stage, our company makes the following commitments:

(1) If the increase of subsequent materials is not greater than 5%, do not raise prices for customers;

(2) For orders confirmed before February 28th, regardless of the price increase of raw materials, our company will not increase prices to customers.




3. Kindly Reminder

After the epidemic is over, orders will blow out, and raw material prices and transportation costs will continue to increase.

In order to ensure the delivery time and reduce the purchase cost, please arrange the purchase plan in time.


The above management plan is valid from February 24th, 2020 to April 30th, 2020.





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February 24th, 2020