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How to safely use liquid nitrogen tanks
2023-03-24 11:04

The liquid nitrogen tank is a container for storing liquid nitrogen, also known as liquid nitrogen biological container. In use, safety cannot be underestimated, and it must be operated carefully to avoid accidents. The following are the safe use and related precautions of liquid nitrogen tanks.

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1. Safe use of liquid nitrogen tank

Under normal circumstances, liquid nitrogen tanks are sealed, and note that it is required  to keep a certain gap on the opening of the liquid nitrogen tank, otherwise the gas cannot be removed in time after the liquid nitrogen is vaporized, and an explosion accident may  easily occur.

2. Precautions for safe use

Try to avoid frostbite during operation,for the temperature of liquid nitrogen is as low as -196°C;

When storing and withdrawing frozen items from the liquid nitrogen tank, be careful and fast, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by thawing the items;

The room where the liquid nitrogen tank is placed should be kept ventilated and dry to avoid the lack of oxygen in the air and the difficulty in breathing;

Disinfection and protection should be done well during the operation;

If the liquid nitrogen tank is to be transported, it must be fixed and shock-absorbed to prevent accidents such as overturning.

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Liquid nitrogen container can scientifically solve the problem of large evaporation of liquid nitrogen caused by heat convection, conduction and radiation during liquid nitrogen storage. It is widely used in the fields of medical treatment, scientific research, mechanical processing, animal husbandry, etc., and also in laboratories and hospitals.

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