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How to properly store liquid nitrogen tanks
2023-06-23 10:06

Liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of container commonly used for low-temperature storage in the laboratory. Maintaining the liquid nitrogen tank properly and using it in the correct way can effectively improve its service life. In order to use the liquid nitrogen tank more safely and standardizedly, in In daily use, please pay attention to the following points about storage.

 liquid nitrogen cryogenic container

How to properly store the liquid nitrogen container:

1. Do not place the liquid nitrogen tank directly on the concrete floor. In order to prevent corrosion at the bottom of the tank, it needs to be placed on a cushion or formwork.

2. The stopper of the liquid nitrogen tank should not be completely closed, and should be kept within the normal range of liquid nitrogen volatilization to avoid explosion accidents.

3. The storage environment should be dry and ventilated, because the volatilization of liquid nitrogen is colorless and odorless, and if it is not ventilated, it may cause suffocation of people in the area.

4. The tank neck is the most vulnerable part of the whole liquid nitrogen tank, so be careful and gentle when moving it.

5. When storing it, try to keep the liquid nitrogen tank in a locked state.

6. If the outside of the tank is frosted, it means that the liquid nitrogen tank is no longer in a vacuum state, and the items stored inside must be transferred to other tanks in time.

 large liquid nitrogen tank

Liquid nitrogen tanks can generally be divided into liquid nitrogen storage tanks and liquid nitrogen transport tanks. If the liquid nitrogen tank is not used for a long time, please drain and dry the liquid nitrogen medium in it, and then close all valves for storage.

lab liquid nitrogen container