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Liquid nitrogen tank product quality inspection standards
2024-06-21 14:48

Liquid nitrogen tanks can generally be divided into two types: liquid nitrogen storage tanks and liquid nitrogen transport tanks. Storage tanks are mainly used for static storage of liquid nitrogen indoors, while liquid nitrogen transport tanks can be used for static storage and can also be used for transportation when filled with liquid nitrogen.

 vertical liquid nitrogen tank

Liquid nitrogen container product quality inspection standards:

1. Liquid nitrogen tank liner, neck tube leak test: in a 25-degree constant temperature room, use a helium leak detector to test so as to ensure the tightness of each liner and neck tube.

2. Each product is vacuumed for no less than 120 hours. Whether the vacuum degree meets the standard is recorded by a dedicated person and re-inspected to prevent false vacuum, to ensure the insulation effect of each liquid nitrogen tank, and reduce volatilization.

3. Each product is filled with liquid nitrogen for a week before leaving the factory and tested for volatilization. The average volatilization of liquid nitrogen tanks is 65ml/day. Products with a volatilization higher than 80ml/day are unqualified and will not leave the factory.

 large diameter liquid nitrogen tank

Biological liquid nitrogen container should be stored in a well-ventilated, cool place, and not exposed to direct sunlight. Due to its precision manufacturing and inherent characteristics, liquid nitrogen tanks must not be tilted, placed horizontally, inverted, piled, collided with each other or with other objects when in use or storage. They must be handled with care and always kept upright.