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How to prevent liquid nitrogen tank accident
2022-09-22 16:44

The liquid nitrogen tank is a device for cryogenic storage of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a special industrial product with characteristics such as ultra-low temperature and expansibility, so it is very important to prevent accidents when using liquid nitrogen tanks.

 liquid nitrogen container

Causes of liquid nitrogen container accident:

I. External environmental factors

1. High temperature and high pressure

Liquid nitrogen is compressed and cooled by air. When it returns to nitrogen by gasification, the temperature will rise and the volume will expand. If the external temperature and pressure exceed the cooling temperature and pressure that the liquid nitrogen tank can withstand, accidents will happen.

2. Collision

The liquid nitrogen tank has a special shock-proof design, but if it is subjected to severe collision and vibration, it may cause damage to the insulation layer or other components, and an accident may occur.

3. Poor ventilation

If the use environment of liquid nitrogen tank is not well ventilated, it may cause the  content of nitrogen and nitric oxide in the room to remain relatively high, which may cause accidents.

 liquid nitrogen tank 30l

II. Quality factors

1. Material selection

Liquid nitrogen biological tanks are generally supported by pure aluminum foil and stainless steel cold or hot rolled steel plates. If these materials do not meet the bearing conditions of frozen liquid nitrogen, accidents may occur.

2. Poor insulation

The surface of the inner tank of liquid nitrogen tank has multiple layers of thermal insulators. If the reflective material and the thermal insulation material fall off, it may cause direct contact between the adjacent reflective material and the outer tank, and the liquid nitrogen in the inner tank will rapidly expand and vaporize, thereby cause an accident.

3. Aging accessories

The aging of fittings such as valves and instruments may lead to an increase in temperature or leakage of liquid nitrogen, resulting in an accident.

 small liquid nitrogen tank

III. Human factors

1. Improper storage and transportation operations

Generally, liquid nitrogen tanks are divided into storage liquid nitrogen tank and transport type liquid nitrogen tank. If they are mixed up, accidents may occur.

2. Liquid nitrogen leakage

If the liquid nitrogen in the liner is not properly removed for a long time, or a large amount of liquid nitrogen penetrates into the inter-layer space to vaporize, an accident may also occur.