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Technical indicators of liquid nitrogen tank selection
2023-04-24 15:42

Liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of biological storage container, also known as liquid nitrogen biological container, which can scientifically solve the problem of large evaporation of liquid nitrogen caused by heat convection, conduction and radiation during the storage. Liquid nitrogen tanks are widely used in medical, scientific research, mechanical processing, animal husbandry and other fields.

 lab liquid nitrogen tank

In order to choose a good liquid nitrogen biological container, you need to consider various indicators. The following are the main technical indicators for the selection of liquid nitrogen tanks:

1. Type

First of all, determine the type of liquid nitrogen tank you need, transport type or storage type. If storage type, you have to decide a gas-phase liquid nitrogen tank or a liquid-phase liquid nitrogen tank.

2. Effective volume

The volume size is also an important indicator. It is necessary to select the appropriate specification and caliber according to the specific use method and the size of the sample volume.

3. Static evaporation rate

The evaporation rate affects the vacuum of the liquid nitrogen tank. The smaller the vacuum, the more stable, and the higher the safety.

4. Static storage time of liquid nitrogen

The static storage time of liquid nitrogen mainly affects the storage capacity and vacuum stability of the liquid nitrogen tank. The longer the static storage time of liquid nitrogen, the lower the frequency of liquid nitrogen replenishment, and the longer the storage time of samples.

 liquid nitrogen tank price

5. Sandwich material

This index affects the vacuum degree, which is an important guarantee. The better the material used and the more reasonable the structure, and the more stable the vacuum degree will be.

6. Intelligent control

Many liquid nitrogen containers are equipped with intelligent control, which is more convenient to operate, and can accurately and stably control parameters such as liquid level and temperature, thus to improve the safety performance of the entire liquid nitrogen tank.

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